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If you're interested in finding ways to move with ease, support the natural functional movements of your body,  challenge yourself with strength and balance as well as work on your breath quality and inner calm, then you've come to the right place. Welcome.

Who are Yoga Mama classes for?

Yoga Mama classes meet you where you are, beginners, advanced, those with injuries or physical restrictions, everyone can find a way to move safely and have a little fun. Here you will find yoga practices for beginners, relaxation, strength, mobility, physical challenge and for fertility.

Practice whenever you decide

All yoga classes are available to you whenever and wherever you want to practice.

Unlimited access to all online yoga classes

For the low price of $18 (New Zealand dollars) per month you can have unlimited access to all online yoga classes. 

A Word from Our Members


"I felt that the class gave me some control over my fertility situation eg: choosing to ‘bend, not break’. Your course has really helped me.I now have some useful skills to help myself when I am feeling anxious. My husband has really noticed a change in me – and sends his gratitude also!"

Kathy C

"Julie's calm instruction and 'work at your own pace' philosophy has made me realise I CAN do yoga.  What's more - it's actually fun!  Julie truely caters for all levels in her class.  So if like me you are new to yoga, I highly recommend Julie."​

Karyn C

"I have been attending one on one sessions with Julie. I have found that I really look forward to my yoga class and can fully concentrate on my body for that period of time and especially the relaxation part at the end of class, you walk out of there and it’s like walking on air.  Highly Recommended!"

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