Want to know more about my yoga teaching credentials? You can check out my bio at the Yoga Alliance here.

Hi, I'm Julie Wilson the woman behind Yoga Mama. 


After being faced with a number of health challenges and life changing events in my mid 30’s, I felt like I'd lost touch with who I was and what I wanted in life. Not knowing exactly how it would help but keen to do something positive, I embarked on my first yoga teacher training and found some healthy perspective along with many tools to help heal my body, mind and spirit.  


After teaching and learning for another six years I've realised that what I seek for myself and my yoga students is to find ways to move with ease, to maintain strength, stability, flexibility and functional movement so we can keep doing the things we love in to our 90's and beyond!


This is the fundamental way I move my body and teach my classes.  I truly believe that through specific physical movements integrated with the breath and focused attention and intention, we can nourish our organs, joints, nervous system, improve our response to stress and reconnect to our sense of self to live a full and vibrant life.


Fertility classes have a slightly different focus, to find out why I started teaching this style watch my fertility story here 






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