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  • 1 whole cabbage, can be red or white, or a combo. You can add a carrot too if you like.

  • Natural salt – organic sea salt, pink Himalaya or similar

  • Spices – choose 1-3 of the following whole seeds of fennel, fenugreek, mustard seeds, caraway and cumin


You will also need a glass or ceramic container with a small plate that fits inside - I use a casserole dish with a side plate that fits just inside.



If you have a food processor then grate the vegetables on a setting that isn't too fine. If you don't, just chop them up as fine as you can. The food processor breaks it down more which brings out more fluid; if you dice it manually you may need to add salted water.


Put enough cabbage your ceramic container to cover the bottom, add salt (I don't measure, but a decent covering) plus a light sprinkling of your chosen spices – a little goes a long way. Then another layer of cabbage, salt & spices til you're done.


Put the plate on top of the cabbage, making sure it's as well covered as possible. You need to have fluid coming up over the plate, I use a few jars filled with water to sweigh it down. If there's not enough fluid add salted water to the brew. Wrap a couple of tea towels around it to contain the stink aroma and let it brew.


Check it every day to make sure it is still submerged in the fluid. It is expected that your brew will be a little wiffy for a few days, but by day 3 it should be smelling good.  Leave it for up to a week – checking the fluid levels every day - then transfer it into sterilised glass jars it & pop it in the fridge.  It will keep quite well for a few months.


Sauerkraut goes well with meaty dishes as a condiment - I love it with Westmere butcher gourmet sausages, on home made hamburgers and in a really small amount to jazz up a salad.  I'm sure there's plenty of other ways to enjoy it, please let me know your favourite.


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