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Fertility Yoga

Fertility yoga is unique as it is specialised to nourish the areas of the body that relate to reproduction and it is completely safe to continue during the first trimester of pregnancy.  The main goals of fertility yoga are to reduce stress, improve pelvic alignment, support circulation to the nerves in the spine and the organs associated with reproduction and to help you find your own strength, calmness and self-acceptance.

You will learn some breathing techniques and physical poses to help reduce stress in your body and mind. Your emotional health is important too, each class raises a discussion about common challenges to having a healthy full term pregnancy and alternative ways of viewing these challenges. The goal of these classes is for you to be able to practice with confidence, be more mindful of the amazing capability of your body, have simple tools to reduce your stress and overall optimise your reproductive health.

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Is fertility yoga right for you? Watch the below information clips to find out. 

Fertility yoga information

Fertility yoga information

Who is fertility yoga for?

5 benefits of fertility yoga

Fertility yoga vs other yoga

Julie bio & fertility story

Studio Classes & Private Sessions
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