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We love yoga, healthy eating and healthy living.  Let us help you to make great choices about your health with simple tips that you can use in everyday life.  Each month you'll find a new healthy recipe and an evidence based article about how to improve your health, nutrition, clean living or the therapeutic benefits yoga.

Recipe of the month: Sauerkraut

I am a big fan of trying to eat more beneficial bacteria and enzymes - rather than popping a probiotic supplement.  Fermented food such as sauerkraut is a great way to get these good guys; not only is it dead easy to prepare, cheaper than chips but it is also tasty as well as healthy!

Article of the month: The true power of your heart

What role does our heart, the actual organ play in your emotions?  We all know well the fundamental physiological function of the heart – to pump blood around the body and keep you alive; but does it also have a less physical and more, say spiritual role or do people just use it as a cheesy metaphor when talking about emotions?





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