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Didn't quite get to read last month's feature article in full or get around to trying out the recipe?  Never fear you can find them here in our library of all the monthly recipes and health articles we've posted.





Slow cooked chilli

As the weather turns cooler turn to your slow cooker for hearty meals that basically make themselves while you're out.

Tired all the time

Do you leap out of bed ready to face the day ahead, taking all that life throws at you in your stride?

Kumara brownie

This gluten and dairy free treat packs a nutritional punch. Don’t tell the kids there’s veges in it, unless you want to save it all for yourself! 

Winter wellness

I've made a list of my top 5 favourite herbs and nutrients for building a strong immune system so you can keep well this winter

Lamb saagwala

This Indian style spinach based curry is cooked for hours in a slow cooker to bring out the best flavour and create the most tender lamb pieces

How to stress less

Stress.  We've all heard about it and all experienced varying levels of stress - but just what is stress and what impact does it have on our body and mind?

Chickpea & Vege Curry

A hearty curry that can be made using any sort of vegetables you have on hand.

Benefits of Restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga - great for everyone and especially good for people who have compromised health.

Creating healthy digestion

Read up on the latest nutrition, lifestyle and yoga tips to help you have happy, healthy digestion.

Kombucha tea

This fermented tea is delicious and loaded with probiotics and enzymes it's great for your digestion.

Benefits of exercise for your brain

Exercise benefits our behavioural and cognitive function

Raspberry, coconut & almond pie

Vegan gluten and grain free and hardly any sugar - just what kind of pie is this?  A delicious one, that's what.

Yoga for fertility

Fertility, not a topic that comes up in general conversation, yet one that is on the minds of many couples.  

Tuscan style chicken

This rustic dish is bursting with the flavours of the Italian countryside.

Yoga, fertility & PCOS

This article looks at some of the causes and complications of PCOS and how a regular yoga practice can help with your overall health as well as fertility.  

Spicy chai concentrate

I love a good chai, especially as I try to cut back on my coffee intake.  This one is low in sugar but still absolutely delicious.  Enjoy!

Zucchini linguine

This is a raw food, super quick dish with a seriously satisfying flavour!

New Year's resolutions: how to make them stick

Happy 2015!  This year I'm going to....

Do you need to detox?

Find out the symptoms of toxin over load and get my top natural, simple daily (and therefore sustainable) detox tips.

Homemade skin care

These are 3 recipes I make regularly: a moisturiser, deodorant and toothpaste!

Epigenetics and yoga

Yoga not only makes us feel relaxed and limber, but it can even influence factors associated with slowing down the aging process

Hot cross mini muffins

Gluten free, no refined sugar - in fact very low sweetner yet so delicious you won't feel like you're missing out with these!

Remaining positive

Remaining positive isn't about perpetually being in a state of happiness; it's more about being able to experience and express your emotions... 

Homemade hair cleaner

This is the best natural DIY hair cleaning system I've yet to find.





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