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Raspberry, coconut & almond pie

Serves 12-16



½ cup (60g) whole almonds

½ cup (60g) desiccated coconut

3 tablespoons coconut flour – or almond meal

¼ cup (4 tablespoons) virgin coconut oil

½ teaspoon ground ginger

½ teaspoon ground cinnamon

¼ teaspoon ground cardamom


3 punnets (360g) fresh raspberries – or 300g frozen (less due to the water content)

2 blocks of organic soft tofu (about 500g)

Juice of ½ a lemon

2 tablespoons rice malt syrup – or you can use stevia or other sweetener of your choosing



A food processor makes things easier, but this can all be done by hand if you don’t have one.


Chop the almonds roughly, add in the desiccated coconut, spices and blend a little more.  Once moderatley fine (a few chunks is ok) add in the coconut oil and blend until well mixed.  The base should stick together, not crumble when pressed into the pie dish – if it’s crumbly add a little more coconut oil.


Give the food processor bits a quick rinse then add the raspberries – still frozen is ok.  Before adding the tofu try to squeeze out as much water as you can – use either muslin or a few paper towels.  Add the tofu to the raspberries, pop in the lemon juice and the rice malt syrup (or alternative sweetener).  Blend until a smooth consistency is achieved – it should be quite thick. 


Have a wee taste test – I make my sweets without much actual sweet these days – if you’ve followed this recipe it will be quite fruity, but not very sweet.  If you need a little more sweetness in your pie slowly add a bit more sweetener of choice and taste test again.  Once you’re happy, pour the filling onto the base, smooth it out and pop it in the fridge for at least a few hours.


Some people freak out at the idea of tofu, you don't have to tell them what's in it until after they've asked for seconds!

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