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July 29, 2014

Tomorrow I fly to Rome where I’ll spend a couple of days being a tourist before heading off to Monteriggioni, Tuscany for a month long yoga teacher training.  Yep, I’m already a yoga teacher, but I don’t think I’ll ever stop learning and doing more training, much to my husband’s despair.  Apart from being very cool, what does this have to do with living my passion?


Well, it’s taken me a while to figure it out, and I’m sure it will continue to evolve, but my true passion is working with people and helping them to live a life they love.  Specifically I want to work with women and help them achieve ongoing health and happiness.  Yoga is one part of this and a really nice entrance into the world of self awareness and self care.  My degree in complementary medicine provides a really powerful back up to the health messages I want to impart.


There are teacher trainings all around the world, even in NZ – so why go all the way to Tuscany?  The opportunity to visit a bestie who lives in Spain may have had an influence, but primarily I chose this training because it covers my specific areas of interest: yoga for fertility, pregnancy, post-natal and kids. 


Working with women who are otherwise fit and healthy is cool – it’s who most of my current classes cater for (and who most studios cater for) and something I am keen to carry on with – but I also want to offer classes that are tailored to meet the requirements of women through different stages of their lives.  Yes you can do a general yoga class with some modifications when you are pregnant, but to attend one that is designed specifically for you, knowing every pose is safe for you and baby will yield so many more benefits.  As will classes for women after having their baby.  I also want to continue with classes for women who have had breast cancer, to offer them full support and nuturing of their mind and body during such a difficult time – for many of these women regular classes simply wouldn’t meet their needs.


Then there’s the littlies.  I have a bunch of nieces and nephews – 10 to be precise – aged between 2 and 12.  Not only is it fun teaching them yoga, but the benefits for their concentration, confidence and development are amazing to see.


I really feel like I’ve found my passion.  More importantly I’m doing something about living it, not just dreaming it.


So look out when I get back – I’ll be fired up and chomping at the bit to introduce all these new classes to Auckland dwelling peeps….and eventually broadening this reach, but first things first!


I’ll post updates when I can, though there’s limited internet access in the 14th century farmhouse I’m staying in (pictured above) and I’ll see you back on the mat around mid-September!








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