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October 1, 2015



Ah spring!  A time for new beginnings, a fresh start – or perhaps just time to get off your butt and pick up some of the good habits that got left behind during the course of winter.


Now that we have more daylight hours and different fresh produce is beginning to appear on the shelves at the grocer, getting out and exercising and improving your fruit and vegetable intake just got a whole lot easier.  For me though, these weren’t the main things I dropped the ball on over winter.  I changed up my exercise routine for indoor activities – typically I’ll trudge around one of Auckland’s many parks during winter in my raincoat, but my walking buddy was away for much of the season, so I replaced that movement with swimming, gym workouts and of course, yoga.  My eating could have been better – but with my slow cooker I was able to prepare healthy, hearty meals with enough to freeze for future meals on busy days… I didn’t do too badly on that front either.


Where things did fall apart was, well, on pretty much doing anything else.  In May I started writing a book, I was going great guns, lots of ideas about 9,000 words into it and then BAM!  Nothing since early July.  Um, Yoga Mama newsletters…..anyone seen one of those since (gulp) May?  Sorry about that.  I swear I have a good excuse, well, an excuse, not even I believe it’s good enough to condone such slackery.


Anyway, self-flagellation aside, it is spring and I’m feeling all motivated and ready to get back on track!  There are new yoga courses starting in October, finally a new newsletter, I’m even working on creating some fertility yoga training course work, I might just get back to writing that book and I’ve resumed walking around the beautiful outdoor spaces we’re lucky to have around Auckland.


Apart from having more energy at the moment, the big shift was mental – I went from feeling like I should be doing these things, to ‘I REALLY WANT TO DO THESE THINGS THAT I LOVE AND MAKE ME FEEL AWESEOME!!’.  Yep, it was a loud call in my mind, shouty in fact.


So what’s my take-away advice for anyone in a similar boat paddling?  Don’t dwell on what you haven’t been doing, regardless of if the timing is perfect or not (when is it ever?) get back into doing the things that you love and that make you feel good.  If there are items still in your ‘should’ tray, review whether they’re really worth your time and energy, or if you can simply let them go.

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