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What our members say

Don't take our word for it, read what some of our members have told us over the years.

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The yoga was gentle yet there was always a more challenging modification to try. You were very clear on the key benefits which is great as it’s what makes this so different to other forms of yoga.


I especially liked the really relaxed, open, and friendly space you created. I also love your music choice – upbeat and relaxing at once.  I found the key benefits to be an overall sense of relaxing and getting into restorative mode (parasympathetic system) vs tight and anxious mode. The poses and breathing techniques were much more applicable to my daily life than the rigors of other yoga classes I’ve taken over the years. I felt this was all about loving and nurturing my body rather than ‘working’ it. You are a wonderful teacher, Julie – warm and friendly and down-to-earth, but with a sense of knowledge and wisdom to guide us.


Thank you for your kind style of practice. You make everyone feel welcome and I really appreciate your anatomy knowledge, it always makes me feel safe. The first course I did with you really helped improve my endometriosis symptoms. I hope to join your classes again in the future – maybe for baby number two? I had a successful transfer during this course, which I believe had a helping hand in preparing my mind and body for the IVF journey.


I enjoy all your classes, even after having done the 8 week course before. I really appreciate that you take the time to correct our poses and advise on the different options depending on how we are feeling. I also think the little chats before class are really valuable too. I look forward to your digital offering which I think might make it a bit easier to practice at home. 


I really enjoyed the environment you created – in sharing your fertility story and being able to listen to others and share mine in a safe and respectful place.I also really enjoyed having scheduled relaxing time for myself every Saturday morning.I felt that I did learn how to relax and ‘switch off’ and my flexibility increased.I enjoyed the variety of what you taught.I felt that the class gave me some control over my fertility situation eg: choosing to ‘bend, not break’.Your course has really helped me.I now have some useful skills to help myself when I am feeling anxious. My husband has really noticed a change in me – and sends his gratitude also! 


I really enjoyed your approach. You bring a lot of genuine care to the practice that shows. Your own experiences are really valuable too and thanks for sharing.

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